Baggage Agreement

Baggage is limited to two checked and one carry-on plus one personal item per passenger, any baggage exceeding normal size or any passenger exceeding the number of baggage per passenger will be charged an additional ten dollars per piece. All baggage is subject to search and we reserve the right to refuse baggage whose size, weight, character, or condition is unsuitable for transportation on an aircraft without harming or annoying passengers.

Checked Baggage is defined as an airline flight worthy bag that weighs less than 50 pounds (23 kg) and does not exceed 62 inches (length + width + height).

Carry-on baggage is defined as one carry-on bag or one personal item that weighs less than 40 pounds (18 kg) and does not exceed 45 inches (length + width + height). It must fit in the shuttle overhead bin or underneath the seat in front of you. There may be more limits to carry-on baggage based on available space and additional restrictions on certain shuttles. If you have additional questions, please check with an Express 85 agent for help.

A personal item is also allowed in addition to the baggage types listed above. Some examples of personal items are: purses, briefcases, camera cases, diaper bags, laptop computers (can’t be checked and must be carried on), and items of a similar or smaller size to those above.

Particular care will be given to special items which will also be counted as a checked bag. An Express 85 agent will determine any possible charges for your special items when you bring it to the pickup location. Special items are listed as: overweight bags – bags over 50 lbs, oversize bags – bags over 62 inches (when you total the length + width + height), infant and children items – stroller, child restraint seats, assistive devices – wheelchair, sporting equipment – bicycle, bowling equipment, fishing equipment, golf equipment, ski equipment, parachute, surfboard, windsurf board, or scuba tank, musical instruments, fragile/bulky items – saddle, antlers, Hawaiian pineapples, military duffle bags, and pets.

Express 85 passengers are responsible for handling, transferring, and the overall condition of their own bags however; the driver will provide assistance upon request. Please also be sure that all baggage is properly labeled. Also note that Express 85 drivers or representatives are not responsible for damage done to your baggage or the contents within your baggage during transportation.

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