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I wish to say a big Thank You to the Express 85 Driver that waited patiently for me. He even called my phone and left a voice message. I was very happy to make the ride to Tuskegee at the stipulated time and the driving was very good. The Shuttle service is a big help and a pleasant one for me. That was my third ride with the service, and visiting Tuskegee that many times since the services began. Please keep it up. Thank you

Elizabeth C.

Express 85 is convenient for me, and I really appreciate the service.

R Gupta

Thank you and enjoyed the ride back from Atl. Great service. I highly recommend the trip.

Barbara L.

I recently had the pleasure of riding the Express 85 shuttle to the Atlanta Airport from Auburn. I found the service to be convenient, and reasonably priced. This was a far better alternative to driving myself, and paying to park. I highly recommend this service to everyone.

S. Granata
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