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Express 85 rocks! And our driver is great! I've driven with this driver before they are awesome and a big plus to your company.

Robert R.

Great ride, great driver, great service!

Debra R.

Thanks for the good service! Glad you go to MGM & ATL--both directions-- as it looks like the road to ATL will be under construction for a long time so we flew out of MGM instead and it worked out well for us. We appreciate the good driving, too. And we like the changes you made on your website.

S. Strom

The drivers are great. The driver that picked me up in Atlanta and was very courteous, A different one took me back to Atlanta today and was equally nice. I am glad that the vans are not too hot. They do a good job of regulating the temp. The trip this morning was almost a "sell out" almost every seat filled. It is so easy and dependable. Thanks for the good service and the good communication!

Melinda C.
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