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I wanted to do the thing that many fail to do and that is congratulate you and your staff for two very smooth and pleasant trips at the end of last week. I can certainly endorse your service and, although I do not regularly make it to Auburn, I shall be confident that the next time I am in the area, Express85 will be up to its current standards.

Andy R.

My shuttle ride was very peaceful. The driver was very nice and you shuttle was very clean. Thank you.

Darryl R.

The service always runs on time. The ride is comfortable and the staff -from the office staff to the drivers- are very helpful. You can make online reservation or call the office directly. Prices are very reasonable too.Express 85 is the way to go!

Ricardo I

I really like the new way to make a reservation. It's so easy and fast and it's on the home page to start. Thanks.

Pat T.
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