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Both of my drivers were very professional. We had a wonderful trip. Their driving skills were on point. I will definitely recommend you to others.

Doris Z

Great experience! Drivers were prompt, courteous, and efficient! Comfortable ride!

S. Einhorn

A perfect trip. Thank you.

Debra R

I took the Express 85 from Atlanta Airport to the Auburn Conference Center. The service was excellent, the driver was prompt, courteous and friendly. The time it took was as quick as driving myself and the price was fair. I would use Express 85 for future trips and would definitely suggest it to others. Thanks so much.

Mary K

Thank you, and we do plan to use this service in the future.

Marsha J

Hello. I'm a coach at Auburn and we got picked up today in Atlanta airport by one of your drivers. I just want to say in behalf of the team that your driver was great and very helpful and polite. Thank you

Martin S.
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